Phone running Whitehaven Appsolutely with sample upgraded business listing

Be found ... Even offline

Reach more people instantly with your latest information/updates during the COVID-19?

Do you want to let local people and those visiting our town find you and access information about you in an instant?

Do you want to connect to consumers using the latest technology where your establishment can be seen even if internet connection or mobile signal is lost?

Do you want to push notifications out directly to your customers phone with all your latest updates, latest promotions, and special offers?

Well why not register and get on to the Whitehaven Appsolutely Town App.

We want to help local businesses/establishments in & around Whitehaven get their services out to more people especially those who are avoiding or don't use social media.

We want to support our local community so our upgraded listings and access to the push notification services are FREE of charge. Upgraded listings act like a mini version of a website only information can still be accessed if mobile or internet signal is lost while our push notifications reach users instantly and can be set up in advance. More details below.

Step by Step Registration Guide

Step by Step Guide to Push Notifications

Download more information about the App

WHY be on the App?


Everyone uses their mobile phone

Its faster than a website

Our search feature allows users to find you quickly

Users can call you directly from the app & visit your website

A quick and easy way to get noticed

You can send notifications about your latest offers

Get seen even with no wi-fi connection

Connect directlty to your customers with push notifications

Display your specific location showing distance & directions

An inexpensive way to market who you are


How do I register for the APP?

How to add your business, organisation or event

Use the form below to register your business / organisation / charity etc for a completely FREE listing on the Whitehaven Appsolutely mobile App.

Once registered we will email you with your login details so that you can access the portal to add your listing to the App. If you select to have an upgraded listing the portal allows you to add all the features you require and allows you to maintain the information.

The portal allows you to add events for FREE..

Free Listing - A free listing allows you to add your establishments name, address and contact telephone number. A free listing has a call direct feature enabling users to call you directly from your listing and also allows users to add you to their favourites.

NB We have added some businesses/organisations to the App taken from listings on the website. If your business is listed and you would like it removed please let us know. If your business is not listed and you want it to be added to the App please fill in the registration form below or get in touch and we can add it for you.

Events - It is FREE to add an event once you have registered. Events page includes an option for a poster/image, reminder service, call venue direct, visit website and email option. On the main events section there is a NEW filter giving users a choice of category and date.

Push Notifications - Alert users about your latest news, important information, special offers, promotions and discounts etc. The notifications will be received by people who have downloaded the App even when their phone is switched off so the first thing they see when they turn their phone on is your message. You also get to choose a date as to when you want people to be notified. This service is FREE of charge.

Upgraded listing - You get all of this and they are now FREE for any local businesses in and around Whitehaven.

Example upgraded listing on Whitehaven Appsolutely


Location finder. Show people where you are and how to get to you.


Opening Hours. let people know when you are open.


If you offer dining there is an option to add your menu.


If you hold regular events there is a calender option where people can see at a glance what is coming up.


List all your products and/or services. Anything added to this list will be picked up on the search feature in the App.


There is a section to shout about all your latest news


Use this option to let people know about your special offers and promotions.


There is a direct call feature so people can ring you direct from your listing.


There is an email feature so people can email you direct from your listing.


There is an option to have a website link so people can go directly to your website.


This option allows people to add you to their favourites.

There's more - All of these are also included:

Logo/image - On the main listing page instead of having the Whitehaven Appsolutely logo you can insert your own logo or an image.

Header - Address bar and a place to add an image and/or your logo.

Picture gallery - When each image is selected a user will see the image on a full screen. There is also an option to add text.

Text area - A text box where you can give information about who you are and what you do. Any text written WILL be automatically picked up by the Apps search button.

Facilities option - There is an option to add all of your facilities. This lets people know if you have disabled access, are dog friendly or whether your cafe has gluten free dishes on the menu. These facilities WILL be picked up by the Apps search button.

Social media links - You can also add any social media links that you have.

Push Notifications - A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile phone/tablets screen to alert a person about a variety of topics. Send out notifications to users letting them know about important information. Draw attention to fund-raising events, special offers, meetings, dish of the day, discounts etc. The message is only delivered to people that have installed the Whitehaven Appsolutely App but the App doesn’t need to be running for the message to be received. If the phone/tablet is not currently connected to the internet or has been switched off then the message would be delivered as soon as the phone/tablet connects or is switched on. There is a section on the portal for creating and sending these messages which can be scheduled to either be sent straight away or at a later date allowing you to choose a date when you want people to be notified.

Social Media - We will promote your organisation using our Social Media pages. We will create a post to let people know that your establishment has an upgraded listing and add a screen shot of your page. With your permission we will regularly post about your establishment. All you have to do is give us an idea what you want to be posted and we can either take the information/images from your listing or send us information/images and we will take care of the rest.

DON'T FORGET - When the App is downloaded the information that you put on your upgrade is stored on the App meaning people can access the information EVEN WHEN THERE IS NO WI-FI CONNECTION. Meaning you are ALWAYS CONNECTED TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Would you struggle to find the time to upgrade your listing?

Let us do it for you. To save you time we can add you to an upgraded listing. All you need to do is send us your logo, pictures & text information or we will search the internet and gather information from your website/social media pages for you. We will then create a draft and email it to you allowing you to see how you will look on the App. If you are happy with the design we will then publish it onto the App.

We can add/update your information thereafter, just send us the information.

For more details please get in touch with us.

This service is FREE



Registration Form

Please click on the Register button below to fill in our registration form, completing it as much as you can.

Organisations will only be listed if they are within a 7 mile radius of Whitehaven.