Why was the App developed and how can it benefit the town?

The 'Whitehaven APPsolutely' App was developed by a local business Buzy Bee Software Services. The owners Keith and Trish McWhan wanted to do something that would benefit the local community.

The initial concept was to develop an App to help local charitable organisations raise awareness of their services and just grew from there. Trish has MS, Crohns & Trigeminal Neuralgia and felt an App would be a faster and more interactive way for Charities and health providers to send out valuable information for those who have health issues and those who provide care.

Being a small local business they also wanted to support local businesses/organisations. Advertising who you are and what you do can be a costly affair and not everyone has the finances to do this. They wanted to include a free listing and an inexpensive upgrade so that businesses/organisations could promote themselves and let people see what they do.

Finally they wanted to provide a way to showcase our picturesque and historical town where locals and people visiting the town could see the amazing sunsets along the beaches and discover the industrious history of Whitehaven.

Buzy Bee Software Services has covered all the costs for developing this App and all revenue will go towards running costs, maintenance and marketing materials to promote the App. We envisage the Whitehaven Appsolutely App to be hugely beneficial for our Community and we endeavour to ensure it evolves using the latest technology and is always up to date showing that Whitehaven is the place to live in and to visit.

Every six months 15% of all revenue will be given to a local Charity who are registered on the App.

'It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen'. John Wooden


What the App can do

The App has many modern features built in which are listed below and as technology evolves so will the App.

When the App is first installed and ran the content is downloaded so it is available even when there is no wi-fi connection. Access to websites, sending emails and maps are the only things that require internet connection. As new information is updated this too becomes available offline.

The App will allow the user to select the option of receiving notifications. These include school closures, sales & promotions, special offers, event cancellations and other notices that have been added by a business/organisation. These notifications will be sent even when your phone is switched off so you never miss out.

There are many sections to the App including local news, emergency contacts, events, getting around, health, local information, local businesses, see & do, where to eat, where to shop, where to stay, religious institutions and charities.

There is also a section about walking in and around Whitehaven where routes are highlighted and specific landmarks show points of interest along the way. More routes will be added over time and if you have a favourite walk you would like to share then please let us know.

There is now a FREE alert notification service for emergency information bulletins. This can be found under the push notification service once you have registered.


'Many features, make light work'

How to use the App

Features on the main menu

Search – This feature allows you to search for a specific item on the App. If you are looking for a dog friendly establishment select the magnifying icon and type in dog friendly. Every establishment that has been listed as dog friendly will show up.


Favourites – This feature allows you to save information that is relevant for you whether it is on a free listing or an upgraded listing. Locals can search places to eat and add choices of restaurants to their favourites. Visitors to the town can search the relevant categories such as hotel, parking, places to eat, tourist attractions etc and plan their stay by saving the information in their favourites.


Local Weather Information – This feature provides a five day forecast for Whitehaven.


App Information – This features shows how the App works and what features it has. It also gives details about where to get in touch with any questions, comments, suggestions, faults etc relating to the App.


Special Offers - Shows special offers and deals of the day.

Features on Free listings

Add to Favourites - Add the establishment to your favourites.

Direct Call - Call the establishment directly from your mobile phone.

Features on upgraded listings


Location - Get directions from where you are to the establishment you have chosen.


Opening hours - Gives a lsit of opening hours.


Website link - Link directly to the establishments website.


Direct call - Call the establishment directly from your mobile phone.


Email option - Email the establishment directly from your mobile phone.


Menu - If relevant get to see the food/drinks menu.


News/information - An option to read information and news.


Remind - Get a reminder when an event is due. Can ONLY be used in the events section.


Events calendar - Takes you to the events list and will be filtered to the establishment you have chosen.


Products & Services - Shows details about products and services.


Special Offers - Shows special offers and deals of the day.
Facilities - There is a section where the establishments facilities are listed showing you if they have baby-changing facilities or are wheelchair accessible, are dog friendly, have free wi-fi etc.
Photo Gallery - A digital portfolio showcasing the establishment.
Social Media - Taking you directly to the establishments Facebook, Twitter etc pages.

If there is something you would like to see added to the App, have any comments or would like to get in touch please contact us.