• Bespoke Software Development

    If you are looking for a long term investment to add value to your business then bespoke software otherwise known as custom software is for you. 

    We have the expertise to build you a bespoke application that is specifically tailored to your exact requirements. It will work the way you work which will only enhance business performance because it does what you want it to do. 

    Whether you want to fulfil or streamline a particular business process, integrate current systems, solve existing problems or provide a new service our software will...

  • Mobile App Development

    Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the smartphone market that is being used more each day and the right product can make all the difference between a good business and an outstanding business.

    All you need is a vision of how you would like to see your team run or how customers could make better use of your services then add into this some creative thinking and an app can go a long way, not just meeting your business goals but...

  • Bespoke Website Design/Development

    Your website is paramount to your brand and shouldn’t be taken lightly. First impressions are important and a website is usually the first place a visitor will go to access your services and find out more about what you offer. It is an extension of your brand as it shows who you are, what you do and gives people a reason to engage with you. By choosing to go bespoke, you will be able to customise every little detail, a feature that is not found in an average website build.

    Websites can now be accessed on many different devices and in many different browsers which is why we...

  • IT Consultancy Service

    You may have been wondering how technology could benefit your business especially with the challanges business have faced during the recent pandemic. You might want to optimise your current technology or be considering investing in software, you may not even be sure if you require custom software or even what type of software is available; this is where we can help.

    We will take a look at what you do, how you work and any existing software you have enabling us to give advise on how best to enhance and modernise your IT strategy providing...

  • IT Support

    We believe it is important that your software is maintained and supported so that your business gains the maximum benefits from its functionality which is why we provide support and maintainance for your software throughout its life.  We want to keep working with you to keep your business running as smooth as possible so after we have built your application, we don’t just walk away, we are with you for the long-term.

    Even if we didn’t build a client’s software, we can take it on and provide full support. Whatever your businesses whatever your size, we can help. Having the expertise to...

  • Bespoke Training Services

    Technology is constantly changing which results in your software changing from time to time too and although new software can be good for business it can be frustrating for those having to use it.

    The key is knowing how to train your workforce on a new system or technology ensuring all team members are comfortable using it. As we have built your software or system we know the ins and outs of how it works allowing us to create a tailor made training package for you and all your team members.

    Although the thought of learning how to use new software or system can be daunting we focus on...

  • Hosting Services

    The hosting we provide is high speed, powerful, secure and reliable. Our dedicated UK based web server is based in the data centres of one of the UK’s leading hosting providers and is fully managed by our own team. This gives us full control over its operation including system updates and patches to ensure it is always performing at optimum allowing it to perform quickly and responsively to your visitors.  There is nothing worse than someone becoming bored whilst waiting on a page on your web site to load.

    We can provide...

We build systems that will become your business's best asset.


Whatever your business, whatever your size all our software solutions are built to your specific requirements and are flexible enough to be used whether your team work from home, are on the road or based in an office – something our competitors can’t guarantee.
Our intuitive bespoke software solutions will transform your organisation by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, maximising productivity while being flexible enough to respond to any internal and external changes and naturally adapting more easily to any future challenges.
We provide many different services so you don't have to deal with several different companies which can be costly and time consuming. We provide everything, all in one place... Saving you time and money. 

Who we are


We are a local independent family run software services business based in Whitehaven on the beautiful west coast of Cumbria.
Our business is big enough to cope but small enough to care. We provide a personal service with full focus on you and your organisation.
What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow so we are always ahead of what is coming up in technology. We work closely with you to develop a complete understanding of your vision which will allow us to create a product that not only matches your expectations but can even exceed them. We listen and transform your vision into something quite amazing.
Our IT auditing, hosting, training and IT support provides assistance long after your project has been completed. We are also able to work remotely, allowing instant problem solving and quality support that is second to none.


Why choose us?


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We're experienced


We are client driven and are passionate about delivering excellent software solutions. With 30+ years experience our team has the expertise to give you the right advice for your business... We know what we are doing and we do it well. 

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We're creative AND techy


We are a team of independent thinkers and like to think outside of the box ensuring your project is not only unique in how it works and how it looks but is a perfect fit for your business too.

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In-house core team


We like to keep all our skills in one place, with a strong core team of in-house software developers, in-house designers as well as our marketing team as we believe it brings better results.

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We don't speak jargon


We don't speak jargon either. Whether you have IT knowledge or none whatsoever we keep it simple to ensure you understand every step of the process. 


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We thrive on a technical challenge


We enjoy helping our clients to resolve technical issues, and there's very little that stumps us! 

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We're focused


Our primary focus is to deliver your project on time and on budget. We care about our clients’ business and take pride in our work

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We're flexible


Whatever the scale and scope of the project, we structure our services and processes to fit with our clients own requirements.

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We're in it for the long haul


We work in close partnership with our clients throughout a project and beyond, developing the strong relationships that are key to project success.


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